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Chatham Civil Litigation Solicitors

Guidance and Assistance to Efficiently Resolve Legal Disputes

Litigation can be one of the most confusing parts of the legal system. Many individuals try to undertake the process on their own before realising how overwhelming courts can be. Winch & Winch Solicitors has more than 200 years of experience protecting the rights of individuals and businesses in courts throughout the South East.

During litigation, there are constantly time frames that must be worked within and deadlines to meet. In most situations the opposing side will have strong legal representation so it is important to hire a solicitor who can protect your rights. Our Chatham civil litigation solicitors represent individuals in litigation relating to:

We are also able to assist with employment, mortgage repossessions, liquor licensing and many other areas of litigation. Our litigation department comprises solicitors who have broad experience and technical knowledge related to many different types of legal practice areas. We are adept at courtroom procedure and creative strategy. We also accept agency instructions for litigation matters.

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