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Landlord & Tenant

Whether you are a landlord seeking to evict a tenant, or a tenant threatened with eviction by your landlord, we can help.

You may be a landlord whose tenant is in arrears with their rent, or who is causing a nuisance, or is otherwise in breach of the tenancy agreement. Alternatively you may just want to secure vacant possession of the property in order to sell. Whatever the reason you want to recover possession of the property, we can help you do this as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What if your landlord is applying to evict you, or perhaps has forcibly evicted you without good cause? Again, we can help.

We can also deal with other landlord and tenant matters, such as recovery of rent arrears and reimbursement of deposits, or quite simply you may be a new landlord who requires assistance in drawing up an appropriate tenancy agreement, and possibly preliminary advice to ensure you are aware of the procedures and timescales for evicting a tenant should this become necessary.

Our team are also able to deal with drafting commercial leases, renewal of leases under the Landlord & Tenant Act of 1985, forfeiture proceedings and terminal dilapidations.

Residential Landlord and tenant matters are dealt with by Tracey Smith and commercial landlord and tenant matters by David Johncock.